"We specialize in naturally curly hair, but we love all my clients hair equally"
- Erica Sowa, Tower of Curls & Beyond

Tower of Curls & Beyond

located at the Wall Street Tower, 555 Canal Street, 6th Floor, Manchester, NH


The entrance to the parking garage is 555 Canal Street. Parking is free in the building and there is no parking attendant or ticket. Pull into the garage and you will see there are 2 spots marked on the ground, "Spa Parking." Both spots are under the yellow elevator sign when you pull into the garage. But you can park anywhere on the first floor of the garage and take the few stairs up to the lobby to let the Concierge (Concierge is at the desk 24/7) know you're there for the salon. They will need to turn the key on the elevator to give you access to the 6th floor.

You can also park on the 2nd floor (best if you are unable to use stairs) just take the elevator down to the lobby on G level and and the Concierge will turn the key for the elevator to access the 6th floor for the salon.


When you get off the elevator on the 6th floor take a right, then go left down the hallway. There is a pillar with a Tower of Curls & Beyond sign near the entrance of the salon.

Come on in you will see a waiting room & pool table. Feel free to make a beverage at the Keurig or enjoy the pool table.

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Erica Sowa - Tower of Curls & Beyond
555 Canal Street, Manchester NH 03101
603-62-CURLS (603-622-8757)