For your 1st visit, we book 2 hours. This gives us the time to teach you curly techniques and answer any questions you may have. Plus we will need to fully dry your curls to complete the Custom Curl Cut.

Curly Services

Welcome to a Custom Curl Cut
at Tower of Curls & Beyond!

A Custom Curl Cut is performed on dry hair with no comb, just our hands and shears. Cutting curl by curl on dry hair, allows us to see the natural patterns and tailor the haircut. With a Custom Curl Cut most clients will find they can go longer between haircuts.

Before we pick up the shears, we’ll talk and make sure we both have a clear understanding of the haircut we want to achieve and future curl goals. We'll teach you how to cleanse, condition and style with the best products to fit your curl type. We can also discuss second day refresh ideas along with tips & tricks to get you comfortable with your curls.

Preparing for a Custom Curl Cut

  • Come in with your hair 100% dry, detangled and naturally curly.
  • Feel free to style your curls with the products you are currently using.
  • Please no ponytails, flat ironing, curling iron, hats or headbands.

We look forward to meeting you and your curls! - Erica

Custom Curl Cut / Deva Cut

Custom Curl Cut
with Education

(1st visit) $105

A dry curl by curl cut with no comb. Cleanse, detox product build up (if needed), condition & style. Discussing goals, questions or challenges with your curls. While education on cleansing, conditioning, styling, drying & refreshing your curls. (2 hour appointment)

Custom Curl Cut
& Style

(offered after 1st visit) $80

A dry custom curl by curl cut, cleanse, condition & style. Education is always continued, so feel free to ask any questions, talk about goals or techniques that are working or not for your curls. Detoxing your curls followed by a deep conditioner is always included.

Custom Curl Cut
& Refresh

(offered after 1st visit) $55

After we've become comfortable with each other and your curls, we can perform the dry curl by curl cut and do a refresh spray to finish the style.

Curly Style

(offered after 1st visit) $40

Cleanse, condition and proper product application as needed. Then relax under the Deva dryer for a fresh look.

Curls with Color & Dimension

Hair Color

Color retouch $70

  • With 1st curl cut $175
  • With repeat curl cut $125

Color with Dimension

Color with foiling or hair painting $100 - $125

  • With 1st Curl Cut $205 - $230
  • With repeat Custom Curl Cut $155 - $180


Partial foil $85

  • With 1st Curl Cut $190
  • With repeat Curl Cut $140

Full foil $110

  • With 1st Curl Cut $215
  • With Repeat Curl Cut $165

Hair Painting

Hair Painting $85-$120

  • with 1st Curl Cut $190 - $225
  • with repeat Curl Cut $140 - $175
All color & dimension services include a style. Additional color mixture’s such as color balancing, toning, glazing, multiple colors desired or more product needed. ($14 - $25)

When you need a little more care ...


Olaplex can be added to your color or lightener. Olaplex multiplies bonds in you hair making it stronger, healthier and more vibrant. Ideal for clients who color, lighten, thermal style or have breakage from combing their wet hair.

Olaplex stand alone treatment $50

Add Olaplex to your color or lightning service $25

Continue your Olaplex service at home
Olaplex #3 Hair Prefector bond builder to continue your treatment at home weekly $28
Olaplex #4 Bond Maintenance shampoo $28
Olaplex #5 Bond Maintenance conditioner $28

Deep conditioning treatment with service

Intense pampering for dry hair $20 - $30

Facial Waxing

Brows $15
Lip or Chin $12

Salon Policy: A minimum of 24 hour cancelation notice is required for all appointments. A client who doesn’t give a 24 hour cancelation or is not present for the time of their appointment, will be charged a fee of 50% of the unattended appointment at their next visit.